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Neighbourhood Report

Get the big picture about SS6 9RT before you move house, not after it's too late.

Kelso Close, Rayleigh, Essex
WardDownhall and Rawreth Local AuthorityRochford CountyEssex
RegionEast of England Population138 people Households53 homes

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Helping the Homeless

Supporting Homeless Charities

We will donate £1 from each report to support charities who want to help the most vulnerable in society, including Homeless Heroes and KipBag.

These two charities help the homeless on Britain's streets, by feeding them and keeping them warm during the cold, harsh nights.

Kipbag Charity
Homeless Heroes Charity

Discover Your Neighbourhood

A conveyancer's local search report only tells you half a story about your new neighbourhood.

Trust ZoomLocal to tell you the rest.

A ZoomLocal Neighbourhood Report provides you with essential (and unrivalled) information about the immediate and surrounding areas - right down to street level.

It's packed with critical information, statistics and data that you need to know if you're buying a house in SS6 9RT. See an example report

Why do I need a Neighbourhood Report?

Because moving house is risky. Picking the wrong area can be a costly mistake, so you want to be able to satisfy yourself that you and your family are moving to a good neighbourhood.

Of the top 50 concerns that homebuyers have when moving house, a whopping 22 are concerning the local area, such as the local crime rates, noisy neighbours, nearest supermarket, broadband speeds, proximity to essential services and amenities, etc.

Of course, you may be able to research this information yourself, but it takes an average person more than half a day to track down all the information that's included in a ZoomLocal Neighbourhood Report. Compare that to the time it takes us to create one for you - just 15 seconds! How convenient is that?

Our 45-page local report includes a wealth of useful information extracted from more than 80 databases, designed to empower you with the information you need to decide if a neighbourhood is suitable for you and your family:

  • Demographics Who are the people in your neighbourhood? What are their social grades?
  • Local Politics Who's in charge of the council? How do you get in touch with your MP?
  • Housing What are the average house prices in your area? What are the council tax bands?
  • Crime Rates Is this area plagued by high crime rates? What problems exist in the neighbourhood?
  • Health What are the general health levels? Are there any doctors surgeries and pharmacies nearby?
  • Climate What are the average temperatures in this region?
  • Education What schools are in this area? What are their Ofsted ratings? What are their admission policies?
  • Environment Are there any environmental concerns for this neighbourhood? Is the air quality good? Is the neighbourhood at risk from flooding?
  • Transport How well served is this area for public transport? How long does it take to get to major towns and cities? Is it a commutable area?
  • Leisure & Tourism What fun and interesting things are there to do in and around the neighbourhood?
  • Local Amenities What amenities exist in the neighbourhood? Can you get to the supermarket, post box, bank or cashpoint machine easily?

For a comprehensive list of information contained in a ZoomLocal Neighbourhood Report, see below.

See an example report

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Free Guide to Selling Your House

Guide to Selling Your House

Selling a property is becoming increasingly difficult in the current political and financial climate, and often takes longer than you'd anticipate. It's also stressful - not just for you, but your family too.

When you download a ZoomLocal Neighbourhood Report we'll also give you a copy of our eBook, "Sell Your House Successfully", which contains tips, tricks and advice how to sell your house quickly and easily.

Scottish Postcodes

* Sorry, we don't have the data to produce any Scottish reports just yet. We're still in the process of collecting demographic data for all Scottish postcodes. We should be able to offer this in 2018. Please accept our apologies.

Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) Compliant

Our parent company CliqTo Ltd is registered and fully compliant with the Information Commissioner's Office who are responsible for enforcing the Data Protection Act 1998. Registration number ZA135123.

What's included in our report?

  • Crime Rates
    Anti-social behaviour
    Local police force
    Police priorities
    Police stations
    Neighbourhood problems
  • Demographics
    Local population
    Marital status
    Social grades
    Unemployment rates
    Age ranges
    Household income
    Religious beliefs
    Pet ownership
  • Politics
    Constituency details
    Local council HQ
    MP contact details
    Political party allegiences
    Election turnout
  • Housing
    Average house prices
    House types
    Number of bedrooms
    Council tax bands
    Average fuel bills
  • Education
    Local primary schools
    Local secondary schools
    Ofsted ratings
    Admissions policies
    Religious denomination
    Contact details
  • Health
    General health levels
    Doctors surgeries
    Local pharmacies
    Nearest hospitals
  • Environment
    Environmental concerns
    Flood risk levels
    Air quality
    Local power stations
    Operational mining
    Recycling centres*
  • Transport
    Airports, trains & tube
    Taxi cabs
    Bus stops
    Car parking
    Congestion hotspots
    Driving distances
    Nearest motorways
  • Leisure & Tourism
    Tourist Information
    Golf Courses
    Pubs and bars
    Leisure centres
    Shopping centres
  • Other Information
    Overseas visitor guide
    Council online links
    Local maps
    Nearby towns
    Local newspapers
    Local radio stations

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