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AB16 5TT

AB16 5TT - Hilton

Hilton is a former village, now a neighbourhood, located just north of Rosehill in Aberdeen." [1]

Situated in local authority Hilton / Stockethill, Hilton is classed as . Nearest towns are Aberdeen (2 miles away), Milltimber (5 miles away), Peterculter (6 miles away), with the capital city, Edinburgh being 92 miles away.


Along with its north-western neighbour Moray, Aberdeenshire has been one of the most fertile farming regions in the highlands since the medieval era and consequently offers up a landscape littered with stunning castles as well as hundreds of impressive Neolithic and stone age archaeological sites.

To this day the landscape is populated by thousands of beautiful Aberdeen Angus beef cattle. Aberdeenshire represents the highlands of Scotland at their very best.

The bustling and vibrant main city of Aberdeen, its architecture spectacularly sculpted from granite, symbolises the epicentre of Scotland's industrial past and offers visitors not only hundreds of museums and exhibitions exploring this industrial heritage, but also a thriving and metropolitan city with a young and exciting arts scene, thousands of hip bars and restaurants and many more sporting and cultural attractions.

More important though is the backdrop to this beautiful city - sat 'between the Don and the Dee' - Aberdeen's two rivers that frame the city centre. Moving out from the River Spey and the whiskey distilleries that line its shores to the landscape that encircles Aberdeen (known as 'Scotland's Larder' for its abundance of wildlife and fertile soil) and further still to Cairngorm National Park, this is truly a heart-stopping landscape.

Should further excitement be needed, Cairngorm National Park offers everything from skiing and snowboarding in winter to hiking, mountain biking, fishing and shooting. In addition there are hundreds of picturesque and challenging golf courses.

Aberdeenshire offers everything from city breaks and boutique shopping in the West End district of Aberdeen city centre to country retreats, tours of stately homes and gardens, and from summer walks to ski holidays, whiskey tasting to adrenaline sports.

Map Location

Satellite View

Where is it?

Hilton / Stockethill
Local Authority
Aberdeen City




Area Type
Council Area

Government ID
57.157, -2.146
Phone Code
(01224) xxxxxx

Nearby Towns

Aberdeen2.3 mi
Milltimber5 mi
Peterculter6.1 mi
Westhill6.2 mi
Edinburgh92.5 mi
Cardiff395.4 mi
London400.5 mi

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