Here at ZoomLocal we absolutely love working with data to create a meaningful picture of life in Britain.

There's rarely a day where we are not mixing up sets of data that reveal new and unique statistics about how we live, where we work, how safe we are and how we go about our daily lives.

Most of the data ends up in our ZoomLocal Neighbourhood Reports to help homebuyers get the bigger picture of their new neighbourhood, but we also publish statistics that we think should end up in the public domain.

That's why we created this section - "Insight", which allows you to browse interesting data, statistics and analysis to help you make the big decisions. We think that this research is valuable not just for people looking for new homes, but also to market research companies, property developers/investors, charities, and many others who may be able to take decisions based on demographic and geographic data.

Our latest research

Crime Rates Per 1000

We discover where the safest - and most dangerous - neighbourhoods are. Filter the data to reveal which areas have the best and worst crime rates.

Safest Places to Live

Desirability Index

Based on factors including crime, deprivation, housing, and demographics, we list all 34,753 LSOA areas to find out where's the most desirable areas.

Desirability Index

General Election Results

View and download the results of the general election 2019, which took place on the 12th December 2019. The Conservative Party won the most votes.

General Election Data 2019

GP Availability

Has immigration had a negative impact on the availability of GPS? We crunched the official data to see whether there was any proof of these claims.

GP Availability