Frequently Asked Questions


ZoomLocal is a brand new service for homeowners that helps you to examine what the local neighbourhood is like for any given postcode or address in England, Scotland and Wales.

Research shows that of the top 50 concerns that housebuyers have when moving to a new house, almost half of these concerns are about the local area, such as crime rates, transport links, nearest amenities, broadband speeds, nearby house prices, air quality, and local attractions, amongst others.

ZoomLocal solves these concerns. We produce downloadable reports that allow you to find out the answers to all your questions about the local area.

We launched in May 2017, and although we're brand new, we feel that ZoomLocal is the most comprehensive source of local neighbourhood data and information on the market.


Thanks to our parent company's position as one of the most comprehensive source of hyperlocal information, a large percentage of our data comes from our own resources. We have tens of millions of records of local data, including businesses, tourist information, transport data and more.

Other data is derived from official sources, such as census data, the Office for National Statistics, Department for Education, Ofsted, the Police, and many more. For a full list of the data providers, see our 'About Us' page.


ZoomLocal was built and is managed by parent company CliqTo Ltd, a publishing and media company that is well versed in producing informational and database-driven websites for businesses and consumers.

CliqTo Ltd incorporated in 2011, and has grown from strength to strength. In 2016, almost 1 in 7 of the UK population used one of our portfolio of websites, giving us an impressive reach.


Our neighbourhood reports are available as a PDF document, which are available to download on our report page. All you need to download a neighbourhood report is the postcode of the area you wish to know about, for example SW1A 1AA.

Due to the sheer amount of records in our database, please be aware that it can take up to 20 seconds to generate the report. Our progress indicator will show you when the report is ready to be downloaded.


With tens of millions of records in our database, it's practically impossible to ensure that every bit of information we store is 100% correct. Companies go out of business regularly, and we may not hear about them. Royal Mail also introduce new postcodes, and we may not be aware of them. When this happens, the report is either incomplete or will show a reduced amount of information.

If you have experienced missing or erroneous information, we will be happy to issue you with a full refund. Please get in touch with us if you feel that our reports are not worth the amount of money you have spent, and we will refund your purchase without quibble.