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What is ZoomLocal?

Are you risking your family's happiness by moving house without knowing about the neighbourhood?

Are you moving to a new area that you may regret for years?

Unless you've actually lived in a neighbourhood, or have friends and family who live there, you don't truly know what it's like to live there.

This means that buying a property can be a huge risk. Go ahead and ask yourself:

  • Am I moving to a crime-ridden area?
  • Will it be easy to commute to work?
  • Is there a high unemployment rate?
  • Are the average fuel bills extortionate?
  • Is there a GP locally?
  • How far is the nearest hospital?
  • Have the schools got good Ofsted ratings?
  • Is the air quality poor?

These are just some of the questions that make moving home a gamble - once you've moved in it's too late.

There are two options you can take:

  1. Take a gamble and hope for the best
  2. Buy a ZoomLocal report and play safe

If you've got family then this decision becomes even more important.

Luckily, you can play it safe and download a comprehensive ZoomLocal report, which will give you the answers you need before you decide to buy a house in the wrong area.

Our homebuyers report looks at all the essential information to help you to eliminate doubt and worry about the new neighbourhood you're moving to.

Why do I need this report?

Home Security specialists Yale commissioned a report to discover the primary concerns that homebuyers have when moving house.

Of the top 50 concerns, 22 were concerning the local neighbourhood, such as the local crime rates, noisy neighbours, nearest supermarket, broadband speeds, proximity to essential services, etc.

Unfortunately, local estate agents don't supply this information in their house particulars, which leaves you having to spend hours researching - or worse, making guesses - about the neighbourhood.

Take away the guesswork and risk by downloading our homebuyer's neighbourhood report before you buy.

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What's in the report?

You want your new neighbourhood to be perfect for you and your family, so each report contains the following essential information about the local area:

• What are the neighbours like?
• Are they married, single, divorced or widowed?
• What are their social grades?
• Is there low unemployment in the area?
• Are they qualified professionals with high disposable incomes?
• Is there a high percentage of residents with dogs that might bark all night?
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What is the holding political party in the local council?
What was the turnout in the last general election?
How do I get in touch with my local council?
Who is my local Member of Parliament, and how can I contact them?
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What are the average house prices in this neighbourhood?
Are most houses detached, terraced or bedsits?
Do most people own their properties outright with no mortgage?
How much is my council tax bill going to be?
How much is the average fuel bill?
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Is this area crime-ridden, or is it safe to live here?
Is there a high instance of anti-social behaviour in my new area?
Who is my local police force, and how do I get in touch with them if I have concerns?
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Are people in this neighbourhood generally healthy?
Where is my local doctor's surgery, dentist, pharmacy and hospital?
Will I need to travel far if I have any health concerns?
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Which primary and secondary schools are in this area?
Do the local schools have good - or outstanding - Ofsted ratings?
How can I apply for a place at one of the local schools?
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Are there any environmental concerns with this area?
Is it situated near a power station?
Are there any concerns with noise, mining, food processing plants or smells from local farming?
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How far do I have to travel to get to my nearest train station, airport, or bus stop?
Where is my local petrol station?
Are there any taxi cabs which serve my neighbourhood?
Are there any notorious traffic congestion hotspots that may affect my commute?
How far is my nearest motorway?
How long will it take to get to my local towns and cities?
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Is this neighbourhood situated in an area that has plenty to see and do?
Are there any local pubs, cinemas, leisure centres, libraries and tourist information centres nearby?
Where are my nearest major shopping centres?
Are there any family attractions within driving distance?
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Are there any supermarkets close to me?
Where is my nearest bank, cash machine and post box?
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What are the average daily temperatures like in this area?
How much sunshine can I expect on a day-to-day basis?
How much rain falls annually and monthly?
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Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) Compliant

Our parent company CliqTo Ltd is registered and fully compliant with the Information Commissioner's Office who are responsible for enforcing the Data Protection Act 1998. Registration number ZA135123.

How it started

Chris Haycock, Founder

ZoomLocal is the culmination of 13 years of collecting information about every aspect of the UK.

In 2004 our founder, Chris Haycock of parent company CliqTo, built one of the first events listings guides for Britain, BritEvents.com. Realising that he was passionate about hyperlocal information, he went on to build dozens more informational websites in many industries, including travel, government, society, sport, legal, education and business.

One of these websites, www.postcodearea.co.uk went on to be hugely successful - and still is - attracting over 10,000 unique visits per day from those looking for information about postcodes across the UK.

Every one of these websites relied on huge amounts of locational-based information, amassing tens of millions of records of local businesses, points of interest, postcodes and demographics.

In 2017 Chris' dream of aggregating all this information into one amazing resource came true, and ZoomLocal was born.

Aggregating and filling in the gaps in this data was a mammoth task. Hundreds of hours of research, tens of thousands of lines of code, blood, sweat and tears has gone into building ZoomLocal to ensure that it becomes the primary source of useful information about every aspect of society on a hyperlocal level.

We hope you believe the effort we have put in has made it worth it, and that you get a huge amount of value from the local reports we produce.

Where does our data come from?

Our website and our downloadable reports contain data provided by various organisations under the Open Government Licence v1.0.

Whilst we strive to produce accurate and error-free reports, most data is derived from external organisations. As such, in accordance with our terms of use, we cannot guarantee that the information contained on our website or reports is error-free. Please exercise caution, and do not make financial decisions based on the information we provide, because we cannot be held responsible for any loss that you may incur as a result of the reliance on our information.

Here is a list of organisations we may derive our information from:

  • 2011 Census Data
  • Office of National Statistics
  • Police.co.uk
  • Edubase
  • Department for Education
  • Ofsted
  • Department for Transport
  • Local Authorities
  • Wikipedia
  • National Public Transport Access Node
  • Postcode Area (www.postcodearea.co.uk)
  • BritEvents.com
  • WhoShalliVoteFor.com
  • Traffic Update (www.traffic-update.co.uk)
  • Visitr (www.visitr.co.uk)